Bendik Viking Laland
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BVL : Professional Art & Science

BVL : Vpt&.PP

BVL : Professional Art & Science

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About Me

Laland, is inspired by: Graffiti, psychedelia, post-modern pop art, and somewhat from the expressionism. Laland's visual theme, is ahead of it's time. Other artists like him, were interviewed in an art movie, named: Nova. The movie displayed art, more or less like the way Bendik, would have done it. However, Bendik did it: Ten years, before.

In, the movie: Nova; the artists were inspired, by graffiti. The artists, were said to be innovative. Like Bendik, might be. However, Bendik might also; have found a connection between: General innovation, and graffiti. He has, in his formulas described; how: Graffiti, can be innovative.

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40.000 | Large sized, original: Marker drawings

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